Dominika is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based wherever she can find a reliable wifi connection. She graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2016 with a BFA in Fashion Design and has an extensive background in fashion and 3D visualization. Forever immersed and fascinated by the world, she spends her time exploring realities  + everything in between in her art practice, imagining and dissecting the relationships between humans, objects and space. 
Especially interested in the little things and subtle messages which make up the fabric of the subjective realities we exist in, she explores the possibilities and what ifs crafting pockets of alternate realities which exist at the intersection of art, design and technology, and appear in different forms ranging from wearable avant-garde fashion art pieces to installations and mixed reality environments.
Always hungry for food, quality content, and new things to learn. She loves flying, bouldering, Twin Peaks, and good music.
When not sitting in front of her computer or iPad, she’s working on getting her glider pilot license, bouldering, and/or rollerskating. 
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