At the heart of my creative exploration are the themes of perception, subjective reality, and the captivating notion of universes and realities residing within our own minds. Through my work, I aim to craft alternate realities, and unique moments. With each piece I transport myself to the edge of perception, manipulating the reality and peering into the fantastical realms that border on the surreal.
My art is an invitation, a challenge, and a celebration of the human capacity for imagination. In each piece, I aim to not only push the boundaries of artistic convention but also to blur the lines between the observer and the observed. My work is a portal to otherworldly experiences, where the observer is invited to step into the unknown, shedding preconceived notions and embarking on an introspective journey into the depths of their own perception. Through my art, I invite viewers to cast aside the limitations of their daily lives and immerse themselves in uncharted worlds. It is an ode to the boundless power of creativity, a testament to the ever-expanding horizons of artistic possibility, and an exploration of the universes that lie within each of us.
My process is an intricate dance between digital and traditional analog mediums, by combining the two worlds I construct multidimensional works of art, each layered with stories and meaning. By merging the digital and analog, I capture the dynamic interplay between the tangible and the virtual, providing a space where the known and the unknown can harmoniously coexist. The foundation of my artistic practice lies in my background in fashion design, 3D, and virtual reality – a diverse palette of disciplines and experiences that, when combined, reveals a complex tapestry of artistic possibility.
- domi     
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