The Anatomy of Perception | تشريح الإدراك الفكري
“There is no such thing as an objective reality.”
In essence, there are two perceptions of reality: Objective Reality, and Subjective Reality. A contradiction in the previous statement could be that one cannot prove the existence of objective reality; we can only learn its properties through observations, which of course, are subjective.
The definition of art is as fragile as reality; just as art, it has so many variations and contradictions. They both depend on individual perception, making their meanings fluid, folding to expandable layers.
Translating reality to an entity that is simple and comprehensible is to create a world of dream within it.
Art Statement:
This installation explores the fragility of reality through the medium of Augmented Reality. The experience encourages individuals to be participants rather than just viewers, through a childlike exploration.
It is an interpretation of the dreamworld in real life, creating a state of dreaming, while still being in your current surroundings. - urging you to be present in the space, even though the installation is not physically there. By creating a subconscious experience in consciousness (in real life), you automatically alternate your view of what true perception is. 
The form of the installation taps into the space-time continuum, visually translating a complex theory into an experience via shapes, colors, and the circular setup of the installation itself. Each shape was hand drawn in VR, manipulated in 3D modeling software, and finally exported to AR further highlighting that just because something is not physically there doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
Photo Concept:
Photography has always been a medium that presented reality as what it is. The photo series pushes the boundaries of realism, exploring a new understanding of perception, telling a story about an individual and their interpretation of what may truly exist around them.
Artists’ statement:
Participating in the Exit11: VICE Virtual Collaborative Program and starting this project earlier this year, factoring in Covid-19, the unfortunate fact of not being able to display our installation physically, and also that we both live in two different countries, our goal was simple: we wanted people to still be able to engage with what we produced, to connect with art within their own spaces, thus creating individual and unique experiences.
This project was created as part of the Virtual Collaborative Program for Emerging Artists, co-organized by Postscript Magazine and Exit 11 Performing Arts Company. It is a three-week virtual residency pairing emerging artists in an interdisciplinary setting.
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